My mission is to empower as many women as possible into finding love and compassion for themselves. Life has a way of throwing us curveballs and things don’t always go to plan. I have learnt this harsh reality myself and that’s why I want to help you.



Hi Im Claudia Chapman Reiki life coach. I’m a wife and mother of three beautiful children . I live in north London and live life to the full. I enjoy yoga, self Reiki, meditation and dance as part of my daily healthy lifestyle.

I have always been interested in alternative thinking and the connection between mind body spirit and soul. I often joke about about having lived nine lives including owning a self sufficiency farm in Spain and being a single mother studying for my postgraduate diploma in teaching. I have had many job titles including being a drama teacher and Special needs teacher. I have also been an inclusive theatre director and owned my own children's party entertainment business.

I have been abused, divorced and lived with addiction and trauma.

I discovered Reiki when my first baby was born 20 years ago but felt that my life was too turbulent to help others at the time. However, now settled in my ninth life I feel the need and the time to give back to others, especially women who are travelling a similar unpredictable path that I once led. Through Reiki I give universal life force energy and through discussion and connection I can give intuitive and practical direction and application.

This is a great time in my life to give back and fulfill my life's purpose.




Reiki Life Coaching

Reiki life coaching is a holistic life coaching approach to wellbeing. Many of us suffer from anxiety and stress in this modern society. Often our stress and anxiety can manifest its way into illness and physical symptoms. Through discussion and connection I can help you to get to the cause of your problem and through Reiki energy and chakra clearing we can relieve the symptoms and even root out the cause. This process of healing allows us to work together to cut through your story quickly and efficiently, saving you time, energy and money.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is the energy that connects our higher self with everything that is around us. Reiki mean life force energy. We all have the ability to connect to the power of Reiki energy to heal ourselves. Our bodies are in a constant state of maintaining balance. It is this energy within,that helps the body to repair and replace aspects of itself as needed. Our ancestors had the innate wisdom to heal through the hands for centuries. Reiki is one form of this ancient wisdom originated by DR USUI, a Buddhist monk from Japan in the 1880’s. Reiki energy is passed down through a linear of Reiki masters.

I am a listed Reiki Master with the Reiki Federation

Workshops & Retreats

I am committed to delivering various workshops throughout the year in connection to Reiki Life Coaching.

Reiki Life Coach will be delivering International and home retreats. Please register your email address for an invitation to these events.




"I would highly recommend Claudia at Reiki Wellbeing. She has amazing healing hands. Claudia is kind, compassionate and answers any questions you may have which is very reassuring. She is very understanding. Her treatment room is calm, tranquil and relaxing. Give Reiki Life Coach a try, you won't be disappointed"


"Claudia managed to create such a calm n tranquil atmosphere in the room before we even started the session. The gentle music at the back ground and the soft scent that filled the room already put one at ease. Claudia took me through what she and I would be doing before the session began. To my surprise the 45 minutes went pass like 10 minutes. I was not able to tell the effects straight after but driving home, I felt different. Calm might not be the word but at ease with myself and felt at peace with everything n everyone . Thank you Claudia"


"Thank you Claudia for my first lovely Reiki session with you on Saturday. It was a pleasure to have met you. I felt comfortable and at ease with you. I felt so relaxed and chilled for the rest of the day (and still do) it's unbelievable! I'm looking forward to my next session! See you then!"


"Thank you Claudia for my first reiki session with you. As soon as I met you, I felt at total ease with you. You have a beautiful energy and I am looking forward to seeing you again to receive more reiki healing from you"


"I was feeling quite stressed and tired. I really needed to recharge my batteries. The Reiki session has helped me very much. I now feel very grounded, relaxed and positive. Thank you so much :-) x"


"Not sure how it works but I just know an hour in the treatment room with Claudia feels like the ultimate “me time” and I look forward  to every session. Walk in, switch off, tune and enjoy. I feel calm, happy and so relaxed afterwards. Thank you Claudia x"


"I have been seeing Claudia for about a month now and I can already see the benefits. She is very warm and I feel very comfortable with her- a bit like having a chat with a good friend!. She immediately understood me and got to the root of where she could help the most. My mind is a lot less busy and Im much better in terms of clear thinking. Im even sleeping a lot better which is a first! Thank you Claudia"


"Just come out of my 1st Reiki session with Claudia feeling as if the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. From the moment I arrived Claudia put me completely at ease and took the time to talk me through the principles of Reiki and her approach to treatment. During the session I felt a complete sense of warmth and relaxation, and can’t wait for the next one! Thank you Claudia x"



"After a tough year I had this unsettling feeling of my life being stuck in a vicious cycle. So this year I decided to try and do something about it and by sheer luck I met Claudia through a mutual friend, who believed that Reiki Life coaching may help. After my free trial session, I felt that was an avenue I wanted to pursue. Felt a positive shift in my self belief and secure in terms of my beliefs and the goals I want to achieve this year.

Claudia provides me with a safe space I feel I can share all my concerns and she helps me to root out the main areas I need to focus on. One step at a time, as opposed to overwhelming myself as I would usually do. Claudia helps to focus and ground me each week and I feel so positive and empowered once I’ve seen her. I look forward to seeing her every week as I feel that she helps me to “clear” my mind, to focus on things that are important and in he present.

Since I’ve been seeing her (January 2019) my life has changed, giving me a renewed focus and belief in myself to have the courage to do the things negativity and fear would have convinced me not to pursue. I cannot wait to see where my life will be after six months working with Claudia"




Claudia Chapman 


Please feel free to contact me through text, email or social media.

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