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Women's Life Coach

Calling all women on the cycle of life…

Maidens Mothers & Matriachs

Are You Ready To Rise?

Maybe you’re still stuck in a relationship that is not serving you ?

Is your work not satisfying you … do you think you could do better with some guidance and finally get that career you’ve always wanted ?

Are your family relationships difficult ?

Have things shifted and changed for you over the past few years ?


Do you sometimes feel disconnected from others even though we

have been out of the pandemic a while now ?

Do you hold limiting beliefs about your potential but you know you can achieve more ?

Do you think your choices might be based in Trauma and you’re sick of seeing yourself repeat the same patterns or behaviours ?

Do you know you deserve better but you need the tools to step up ?

Maybe you still can't shift a block that is stopping you from stepping into your true power?

Would you like to finally find out where that block is and transform it once and for all so that you can step into being the woman you truly deserve & desire to be ?


Recent times have brought changes and challenges of epic proportions. Many people have had relationships close out, both family …friends and partners falling away. For some, work situations have become intolerable and even feeling totally alien in places you once called home.


Did you know that you already have all the answers inside of you ?

Would you like guidance to learn into tap into them?

And you can, Your Inner Goddess is calling you home.

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Hi, I am Claudia Chapman, a Women’s Empowerment Coach working with Goddess Archetypes, Kundalini Warrior Yoga , Goddess Chakra Dance, Goddess Card Readings, Reiki Healing, Sound Healing and Intuitive Channeling.

Having experienced my own traumas and challenges throughout my life I am now deeply devoted in supporting women to navigate through their own stories, align their energy and clear any blockages through the chakras, connect to their Goddess and to step into the woman they truly want to be in all areas of their life.

Working With Me




"Just had an absolutely mind-blowing session with Claudia. She speaks her truth and knows where to direct the healing. Totally recommended!"


"Since starting reiki 2 months ago my life has changed. Specifically the way I respond to stress, the way I manage my time, and the way I feel about myself! I have a weekly session, the combination of life coaching and reiki is truly amazing. I cannot recommend this healer enough"



"Claudia is everything and more. Her approach is to listen, support, help put into words exactly what you cannot express yourself and be there for you in your healing journey. She leads with her highly developed intuition and speaks the truth in such a kind and clear way. Her past experiences and own journey means she truly understands and is very knowledgeable. The reiki healing is the cherry on top, even with it being distance healing, it really helps me to feel like my energy is flowing through exactly where it needs to go. I could not recommend Claudia enough and I'm so grateful to have met her and can connect in such a helpful way. Beautiful life coach that truly cares and wants to help others"


"I absolutely loved the Chakra dancing workshop. Claudia held the space so beautifully and created a wonderful atmosphere where the participants could relax completely. I was buzzing with peaceful energy afterwards!"

Contact Me

Claudia Chapman 


Book a discovery call here...


Please feel free to contact me through text, email or social media.

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