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My mission is to empower as many women as possible into becoming the best version of themselves through

Reikilifecoaching and embracing the Goddess within.



Hi I’m Claudia Chapman. I’m a wife and mother of three beautiful children. I live in north London and I live life with an open heart.

I enjoy yoga & meditation and walking in the woods as part of my daily lifestyle.

I’ve lived a colourful life from my Jewish north London roots to living in various cities around the UK including, Portsmouth, Nottingham and Bristol.

I’ve tried living an alternative lifestyle and owned a self-sufficiency farm in Spain growing my own vegetables and rearing chickens and building my own home.


I’ve also experienced life as a single mother and the joys of moving on and having another family.

My work life has been varied working in educational theatre and being a lecturer of young people with special educational and emotional need as well as owning my own children’s party business,

I’ve been married twice …divorced once and burned a few bridges along the way.

I discovered Reiki when my first baby was born 21 years ago but felt that my life was too turbulent to help others at the time. However, now settled and approaching 50yrs old …I feel the need and the time to give back to others.

I especially want to help women to gain back control of their lives and help them discover their inner goddess, using reiki, coaching and intuitive processes.

I believe it’s time for the divine feminine to heal and rise once more.



Reiki life coaching

Goddess Chakra Dance Workshops


Reiki life coaching is a holistic life coaching approach to wellbeing. Many of us suffer from anxiety and stress in this modern society. Often our stress and anxiety can manifest its way into illness and physical symptoms. Through discussion and connection I can help you to get to the cause of your problem and through Reiki energy and chakra clearing we can relieve the symptoms and even root out the cause. This process of healing allows us to work together to cut through your story quickly and efficiently, saving you time, energy and money.

Goddess chakra dancing is a moving meditation to clear stuck traumas and anxiety in the body. Through connecting to our chakra centres we identify the emotion attached to it as well as the goddess archetype that can help us to break through stuck energy. Each workshop includes dancing to an eclectic mix of world music, chanting and meditation, ending in Reiki and sound healing. Get in touch for both virtual and in person workshops.

"Find your inner Goddess" retreats are specifically designed to take you on a transformational journey into discovering your inner strength and beauty. They incorporate many different healing modalities and incorporate invited holistic therapists and healers to give workshops and sessions on a variety of subjects. These retreats are designed for women to transform and renew. Please get InTouch for further details of both my retreats running in 2021 to the mountains in Spain and Wales.





"Just had an absolutely mind-blowing session with Claudia. She speaks her truth and knows where to direct the healing. Totally recommended!"


"Since starting reiki 2 months ago my life has changed. Specifically the way I respond to stress, the way I manage my time, and the way I feel about myself! I have a weekly session, the combination of life coaching and reiki is truly amazing. I cannot recommend this healer enough"



"Claudia is everything and more. Her approach is to listen, support, help put into words exactly what you cannot express yourself and be there for you in your healing journey. She leads with her highly developed intuition and speaks the truth in such a kind and clear way. Her past experiences and own journey means she truly understands and is very knowledgeable. The reiki healing is the cherry on top, even with it being distance healing, it really helps me to feel like my energy is flowing through exactly where it needs to go. I could not recommend Claudia enough and I'm so grateful to have met her and can connect in such a helpful way. Beautiful life coach that truly cares and wants to help others"


"I absolutely loved the Chakra dancing workshop. Claudia held the space so beautifully and created a wonderful atmosphere where the participants could relax completely. I was buzzing with peaceful energy afterwards!"


Claudia Chapman 



Please feel free to contact me through text, email or social media.

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